1. Is there any dandruff visible on my pet's fur?
2. Are there any sores or scales on my pet's skin?
3. Does my pet itch or scratch all day long?
4. Do I find fleas or ticks when I comb my pet's fur?
5. Does my pet drink more than a normal amount of water?
6, Are my pet's bowel movements not solid and formed?
7. Are there visible worms in the stool?
8. Are my pet's nails too long, cracked, or broken?
9. Is there tartar on my pet's teeth?
10. Does my pet's breath smell bad?
11. Do my pet's ears feel hot all the time?
12. Is there a bad odor or discharge coming from the ears?
13. Does my pet cough a lot?
14. Does my pet have difficulty breathing?
15. Does my pet tire easily?
16. Is my pet overweight?
17. Do I find any lumps or bumps on my pet's body?
18. Are my pet's eyes inflamed, itchy, or discharging?
19. Does my pet limp on a daily basis?
20. Does my pet seem to be in pain when it gets up?


Please check your pets monthly.
If you have answered yes to any of these questions,
please contact your veterinarian.

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